-This fungi was an air sample isolated from one of the washrooms in my house. This fungi was labelled 7.
-This fungi was among the first to appear on the petri-dish after I collected my sample. It started off very tiny with a tiny green speckle. However, it grew over the following weeks quite fast until it reach medium-sized where it grew slowly but still got bigger at more of a even pace. The colour of this fungi is more of an olive green on the front but on the back it’s a deep/dark green. It’s grown in literally a perfect circle with white mycelia surrounding it like a perfect border that’s equal on all sides. It looks like a soft texture while the back looks very smooth. On the front in the middle, it looks like the fungi is pulled inwards a little bit, resembling a “x” which is seen more clearly on the back side.
– I had a couple of potential ID’s for this one which included Aspergillus fumigatus, Penicillium, Ulocladium atrum, and Chaetomium globosum. This fungi was radial with a darker green at the bottom. I ruled out Chaetomium globosum since it did not have a white border of mycelia. I ruled out Penicillium since the white edges were not fading into a green, the white in this fungi was a border. Then I ruled out Aspergillus fumigatus since the white edges were not fuzzy, more of a smooth white texture. This left me to the conclusion of the fungi being Ulocladium atrum since it shows a similar growth pattern, it’s a brownish green at the top with the same but much darker bottom, and it has a white outline.

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