-This fungi was isolated from a purple onion which was in my kitchen fridge. This fungi was labelled 3.
-This fungi is a lighter green than it looks in the picture, I couldn’t get a proper picture because it kept coming out darker. Almost on the transparent green looking side. It has almost a full white border of mycelia surrounding the green with almost even thickness. The back is all white with a bolder white as the “border” of mycelia. The mycelia are difficult to differentiate from separate strands of mycelia because it looks like one big border not strand-like. The texture looks almost powdery. It grew in a 3/4 circle around the source almost getting to a complete circle but started off growing from one side. The growth pattern of this fungi appeared fast, started off slow/small for a couple days but grew faster in the following weeks. This one was one of the faster growing fungi.
-This one was distinct because of the white bottom and green top. I thought it could be Penicillium Chrysogenum due to the greenish top and white border (but the bottom in this case wasn’t green), or Trichoderma Harzianum due to the chalky/powdery green, white on the bottom, and the fact that this one overall has “rapid” growth compared to other fungi (but this one didn’t have a distinct white border). I would ID this as a species of Trichoderma, especially if there’s on that has a white border since that was the only character missing.

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