Where: Along a forested trail around the perimeters of Burnaby’s EA facility. Located along the grassy margin of a gravel path under ~50-80% tree cover, and fairly fine, shallow soil.
• Cap Shape: Plane (flat)
• Cap Margin: Entire, even, regular
• Cap Surface: Warty
• Partial Veil: Pendant (hanging)
• Attachment of Gills: Emarginate (notched)
• Breadth of Gills: Broad
• Gill Spacing: Close to subdistant
• Gill Margin: Entire (even)
• Stem Location: Central
• Stem Shape: Marginate
• Bulbs & Volvas: N/A
ID Attempt: Possibly the Amanita muscaria var. alba (white variant) or A. cokeri, but the warts on the latter are more pointed and triangular than this specimen.

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