Where: Found growing on the end of a tree trunk that had fallen across the path, but had been cut up to clear the way for hikers. Maybe 25-40% shaded by the large shrubs and thorny bushes along the sides of the trail.
• Cap Shape: Plane (flat)
• Cap Margin: Eroded (gnawed)
• Cap Surface: Uneven (bumpy)
• Partial Veil: N/A
• Gills: N/A
• Stem Location: Sessile (missing)
• Stem Shape: N/A
• Bulbs & Volvas: N/A
ID Attempt: I’m tempted to call it a Turkish Tail variant (Trametes sp.) but the colouring on top doesn’t seem to match any photos I’ve seen. The rings are not as highly contrasting as Turkish Tail and this may possibly be Ganoderma sessile??

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