I found this mushroom in the grass off the sidewalk of a busy street. There were also coniferous trees around the area. There was an entire group of the same mushroom, although in the picture on the right, one of the mushrooms was cut in half. This mushroom seems to be a gilled mushroom. Its cap shape seems to fit best with infundibuliform shape, with an undulating cap margin. Aside from the dirt and debris on the cap, it seems to show smooth cap surface features. The partial veil is difficult to tell in the picture, as it was difficult to get the right angle without picking the mushroom. The gills seem to have seceding attachment, with broad breadth, average thickness, close spacing, and crenate edges. The stem seems central, with a tapering shape. The volva is difficult to tell, since the other mushroom is blocking the base of the mushroom. The stem surface seems to be longitudinally striate. Looking at the shape of the mushroom cap, I believe it would be part of the Russula genus, although the specific species is difficult to tell. From the color and shape I think this mushroom is Russula sororia

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