-This mushroom was found at Robert Burnaby Park, B.C. and this picture was taken and shared from the courtesy of another wonderful student! It was growing on the side of a dead, rotting, fallen log.

-The top colour of this mushroom (top of cap) was a dark brown/black, orangey-yellow with a white and thick semi-circle border/rim (cap margin). The bottom colour was pure white. The structure seems to be tough/thick. The cap shape looked to be conchate (sea-shell like). As for the cap margin I believe it looks like to be entire/even/regular since from what I see it looks pretty smooth and thick all around. I had thought it could also be crenate (scalloped) but there are no multiple “dips” of in and out. The cap surface features seem to be more smooth than anything, maybe a tiny bit sericeous (silky) towards the ends. There are no partial veil or gills. It looks like there are many spores instead of gills underneath. More similar to Bolete because of the spores. The stem is sessile (missing).

-This is clearly a polypore mushroom, and after looking at the characteristics, I believe it may be the Red-Belted Polypore (Fomitopsis Pinicola). I used the Flora and Fauna reference (the picture looks exactly like this mushroom) and the Online Pictorial Key to Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest reference which also mentions Fomitopsis Mounceae with pinicola in brackets (the picture looks very similar to this mushroom).

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