I found this mushroom in moist soil surrounded by plants. The top of this mushroom is a pale orangey colour on the outside, lightening to a yellow in the centre. The gills and stem are white.
The top of the cap felt smooth to the touch. The centre of the cap is depressed. The margins of the cap look to be undulating.
There is no partial veil.
The gill spacing is close. I think the gill attachment is adnate and the breadth is between narrow and broad. The thickness is average. The edges of the gills are eroded or crenate.
Stem location is centred and terate. There is no bulb. The surface of the stem is seemed smooth.
I’m pretty sure this mushroom is Russula mordax based on various picture comparisons. It has the the pinky orange cap and white gills and stem. It was also found in soil. It also has a depression as expected in a russula species.

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