My dad found this mushroom in a forest close to our house. It was living on what I believe was a dead or decaying wood or tree trunk. The cap I guess is dimidiate (1/2 circle) but not perfectly even and regularly rounded. from the top they are uneven, the varnished cap is red to dark brownish red (or even black )towards the points of attachment to the tree but the marginal area is lighter brown/yellow and white in some parts. It is very tough and sturdy and feels like leathery to woody. the pore surface is cream to white colored (have no gills). no partial veil features, no gill features. the bottom part is smooth (with some little bumps) and have pores. This is definitely a a polypore/ shelf fungus. It grows perpendicularly off of the woody surface of tree. I think this is Fomitopsis pinicola. The fruit body of them is called red-belted conk.

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