-This mushroom(s) were found at Burnaby Lake, B.C. and this picture was taken and shared from the courtesy of another wonderful student! It was growing on the side of a rotting, old tree in the forest.

-The top colour of this mushroom (top of cap) was included rusty orangey, light brown and light green with a thing white border/rim (cap margin). The bottom colour was mostly white with a few dark brown spots but seems smooth. The cap shape seemed to be dimidiate (1/2 circle), I was thinking it could have been flabelliform (fan-shaped) or conchate (sea-shell) but decided against it. The cap margin seems to be more appendiculate than undulating and eroded. For the cap surface features, it seems to be a little more bumpy than smooth when zoomed in, so I would go with uneven. There are no gills or partial veil features, it resembles more towards the Bolete because of the spores. Also, the stem is sessile.

-This is a polypore mushroom, and I had a couple of potential options to ID. The options were Ganoderma Applanatum, Fomitopsis Ochracea, and Trametes Versicolor. I decide to go with Fomitopsis Ochracea since the pictures looked very similar with lighter coloured/thicker ends, and on an aspen. I used the Online Pictorial Key to Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest and Flora and Fauna references to ID this mushroom.

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