-These mushrooms were found in Lions Bay, B.C. and this picture was taken and shared from the courtesy of another wonderful student! It was growing on the ground near a dead/fallen log, in the muddy soil, and close to fallen/muddy leaves.

-The top colour of this mushroom (top of cap) was a rusty orange-brown with darker shades in the middle fading into a very little lighter shade towards the cap margin. The border (cap margin) is a rusty orange-white. The bottom colour was almost the same but more of a peachy pink-orange. The cap shape seems to be depressed more than arched. The cap margin I was struggling on because my options were sulcate, plicate, or undulating. It does definitely seem to be undulating due to the wavyness but I do think there is also sulcate with grooves going on. The cap surface seems to be rugulose with finer wrinkles. The partial veil unfortunately I couldn’t see so that is unknown but most likely it could be doubly-flared ring. I believe this one to be more gilled-like ridges than veined. The gill similarity features include decurrent long (although I’m unsure of this one), broad breadth, tapering thickness, subdistant spacing, and with obtuse more than crenate edges. The stem features are not visible in this picture but for this fungi, I believe it to be central location, more tapering than terete stem shape, with no bulb features, and surface to be peronate. Some features that I could not see clearly, I used the picture of what I think my fungi is to see if I could see some veils or stems. For this portion, I used the Online Pictorial Key to Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest picture of Cantharellus Formosus.

-When ID’ing this mushroom, I used the Online Pictorial Key to Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest and Flora and Fauna references. I was stuck between Cantharellus Formosus and the False chanterelle-hygrophoropsis aurantiaca but I decided on Cantharellus Formosus because it didn’t seem false gilled to me. I also thought it could be Sulphur Shelf but decided against it since it wasn’t fan shaped and wasn’t on wood.

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