-This mushroom was found at Robert Burnaby Park, B.C. and this picture was taken and shared from the courtesy of another wonderful student! It was found growing on piles of mud/dirt, close to a broken/remnant of a tree stump and its roots.

-The top colour of this mushroom (top of cap) was a light brown darker fading slightly to a lighter brown towards the cap margin which was a light yellow-white. The bottom included colours light yellow, white and light to dark brown shade with the overall colour being mostly pale yellow. I was unsure of the cap shape and resulted in choosing two options depending on the picture that was looked at. In looking at the second picture, revolute and funnel shaped by looking at the first picture. The cap margin I would say is even and cap surface features is glabrous, by looking at the second picture, with some smoothness/little sericeous. There is no partial veil, when zoomed in. As for the gill features, the attachment of gills seemed close and remote, the breadth seems narrow, the thickness seems average but more on the thinner side in the first picture but more so tapering in the second, the spacing is crowded on some sides and distant on others like in the first picture, and the edges seem fimbriate when really zoomed in, otherwise when not zoomed in it looks more even. Lastly, the stem features include central location (I would have said off-centre but the only reason it looks like that is because of it leaning forward in the second picture), the shape of stem is tapering since it gets skinnier, the bulbs and vulva were unseen, and the surface looks to be glandular-dotted even though there are only a couple of dark “sticky” dots.

-I was stuck between Cantharellus Cascadensis and False Chanterelle-Hygrophoropsis Aurantiaca for this one. I think it may be False Chanterelle since underneath the mushroom, it doesn’t look like gills but more so like ruffled veins. I used the Online Pictorial Key to Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest and Flora and Fauna references to ID this mushroom.

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