I found this mushroom in our backyard growing close to some other plants in our garden. the cap is yellowish-white with white margins and the cap is smooth and a bit shiny due to rain, it is flat and maybe slightly depressed with a central bump (umbonate), from the top we can see that it is uplifted, the margin is almost even and entire and maybe a little crenate. gills are lighter in color than cap and they are close and moderately crowded
the stem is cylindrical and flexuous. The gills are adnexed and are a little darker (not sure if it is because they are old or not but they look greyish) than the stem and I think they are considered average and narrow with even edges. the stem is attached to cap centrally and is flexious and at the end is a little clavate and thicker. I think based on these descriptions this is a russula fellaes. (the stem is longitudinally striate (not very obvious)

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