My dad found this mushroom in a forest close to our house. apparently it was growing on the ground on grass and soil. The cap is light brownish yellow in the center and white closer to the margins (so kind of tan with darker center). It umbonate or we can say it is bell shaped. it is incurved (involute) and the margins are wavy (undulating). The surface is smooth with the the kind of the bump in the center so I guess it is called glabrous. I don’t see any partial veil features. The gills are white in some parts in most regions it is turning dark grey or lighter brown. I think the gill attachment is adnexed or maybe emarginate (not really sure) and they are crowded and narrow (with average thickness). The stem is equal at top and then flexous. It is also centrally attached and is white with some tan regions (The tan regions are like tissue flakes that easily come off). Based on these characteristics I think it is called Hebeloma crustuliniforme or poison pie.

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