my father found this mushroom in a forest close to our house. It was growing on the trunk of a tree. The cap of this mushroom is convex and then becomes depressed in some parts so the cap is not evenly rounded. the outer parts are orange-red with some yellow discoloration or patches in the center. The cap margin of it is entire but is not even and regular (it is like in and out on the margin), The cap surface is uneven and bumpy a little and the cuticle is peeling in some parts and the flesh underneath is white. from the top view it is decurved. no partial veil can be seen. their stem is central and is very white. the gills are almost free/adnexed (I think) the gills are kind of creamish to white color and they are also narrow and crowded and I guess their thickness is average and their edges are even. the stem is cylindrical and equal at top and then at the base it clavates and bends (upward). but the surface is smooth. based on these characteristics I believe this is Russula and probably Russula paludosa.

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