My father found this mashroom in a forest close to our house. As shown in the picture, it was growing on a decaying wood/tree. The samples he brought me home were smaller than the one shown in the left. (But I am going to give descriptions about the ones he brought me home because I could see them more closely.) The cap looks evenly rounded and convex. the cap margin looks entire, even and regular to me. the cap surface is wrinkly (rugulose) in the center and smooth in the areas closer to the margin. I don’t see the partial veil structure. these do not have gills and instead have pores on the bottom so they are bolete. the pores are small and yellowish. the stem is almost central but maybe a little eccentric and off center. ( a little) The stem is not very thick in my sample, it is smooth and dark brown and closer to the spores it gets a little lighter, it is a little bended but it is not flexuous. Based on these characteristics I think this is pored mushroom called xerocomellus (maybe it is zeller’s bolete but the stem is thinner and darker so might be a different one)

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