-On the left side, the media is CMA and on the right side, the media is PDA
-In the left sides of the plate we have a hedge leaf, labelled 10, taken from outside my house, it was half green but half was bumpy and brown. In the right sides of the plates we have a rotting leaf, labelled 11, taken from the ground close to an unknown species of tree.
-The differences in media for both tissues include the PDA plate has increased amount of different fungi, the overall growth of the fungi coming from the tissues is larger in the PDA, and the fungi are more colorful in PDA than CMA, which shows more whites with the one exception of orange in 11. The growth in the CMA, looking specifically at 10, is much slower than the the growth in PDA since there are already a variety of fungi growing in PDA whereas in CMA the fungi is just starting to grow
-I believe PDA is better for these tissue types since the fungi grows faster also allowing different fungi to be more easily shown

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