-On the left side, the plate is CMA and on the right side, the plate is PDA
-In the left sides of the plates, labelled 12, there is a piece of an orange flower petal retained from a flower in a garden. The flower was very healthy with no signs of physical damage. On the right sides of the plate, labelled 13, includes a piece of an onion root retained from the bottom of an onion taken from my garden.
-For 12, the CMA media had much faster growth of the fungi than compared to the PDA media which is just now starting to grow. The fungi is extremely large in CMA for 12. For 13, the fungi in CMA has barely grown, just now starting to grow a few mycelia near one of the ends. However in PDA, the fungi are larger and have grown quite a bit in comparison. There’s a couple of fungi with some beautiful colors like the dark brown/green and bright blue fungi. The growth in PDA is also very neat, almost a mirror image for 13. The growth in 12 in CMA is all over the place/messy.
-I believe for 12, CMA is better since the growth is much faster and larger which would be easy to get more samples from. For 13, I believe PDA is better since the growth is faster providing more fungi.

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