-I isolated the fungi from this hedge close to my home, more specifically the circled leaf in the picture of an unknown species of hedge. I took the yellow portion of this leaf to isolate instead of the green. The hedge has been there ever since I’ve lived at my home, so it’s interesting to see what sort of fungi may come from the leaf attached to it.
-I believe this tissue was semi-damaged because of the half discoloration from green to yellow. I would have assumed the discoloration is due to “fall” but because there’s only a couple of discolored leaves attached to this hedge, I feel as if it may be due to some sort of reactions instead of seasonal change. There is also a little bit of brown with a bumpy texture which doesn’t normally describe being healthy.
-I expect to see high fungi growth specifically due the the brown bumpy texture since none of the other leaves I saw had a bumpy brown texture and were rarely yellow with majority of them being green. That may mean something special is growing on this leaf. Also, from the years I’ve seen this hedge I don’t normally seen brown bumpy texture.

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