Where: I found this in a small stand of conifer trees to the side of a greenway trail. It was out in the open but protected overhead by the tree canopy. There was a lot of leaf litter on the ground.
• Cap Shape: Depressed (saucer)
• Cap Margin: Undulating (wavy)
• Cap Surface: Scrobiculate (small pits)
• Partial Veil: N/A
• Attachment of Gills: Decurrent, long
• Breadth of Gills: Ventricose
• Gill Spacing: Close
• Gill Margin: Crisp (crinkled) or Eroded (gnawed)
• Stem Location: Eccentric (off-center)
• Stem Shape: N/A
• Bulbs & Volvas: N/A
ID Attempt: It looks like it is a really really old Gomphidius glutinosus that is starting to decay. I found a small specimen that was buried under the soil in this area too.

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