Where: I found this in a hollowed out cavity under a tree. It seems as though the tree is still alive and grew over something that later eroded away, as the tree was still producing leaves (albeit not many). Very little sunlight and is probably 80-95% shaded.
• Cap Shape: Revolute (rolled back)
• Cap Margin: Striate (lined) or Sulcate (grooved)
• Cap Surface: Virgated (streaked)
• Partial Veil: N/A
• Attachment of Gills: Adnate (horizonal)
• Breadth of Gills: Narrow
• Gill Spacing: Close/Subdistant
• Gill Margin: Even (entire)
• Stem Location: Central
• Stem Shape: Radicating (with root)
• Bulbs & Volvas: N/A
ID Attempt: It looks most like a Mycena maculata in its shape and colour. Could be Coprinus lagopus, but I don’t think so as the top of the cap is not wooly.

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