-The top two petri dishes are the top picture, and the two beneath are the bottom picture. The left side plates are the PDA and the right side plates are CMA.
-These plates contain dirty rain water that was found in a puddle filled with rocks, grass and mud.
-In the PDA, the different types of fungi colonies have grown faster and has overtaken the whole petri dish. There’s multiple colors, with varies fungi that are smaller and some larger than others. In the CMA, the fungi is growing slower but does show potential of taking over the gaps in the dish due to some fungi being larger than most. There are less different types of fungi but still more than one in the CMA. It’s hard to note because they haven’t grown very large yet. In the CMA it looks there are multiple types of the same fungi just with different colonies growing on all sides. These ones are the larger fungi.
-I believe the PDA is better because of it’s faster growth which is better to note down the potential fungi that can grow.

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