This is a gilled mushroom growing in my backyard. It was a “lonely” mushroom growing in the grass of my backyard with a bunch of dead leaves surrounding it. The characteristics of this mushroom were: Cap Shape- Pulvinate(cushion), Cap Margin-Crenate, Cap Surface Features-sericeous (silky) with very smooth tiny scales which could also be described as pruinose (white dust), Partial Veil Features-subperonate, Attachment of Gills- adnate, Breadth of Gills- broad with average thickness, Gill Spacing-subdistant, Edges of Gills- eroded(“gnawed”), Location of Stem-central, Shapes of Stems-terete(round), Bulbs & Volvas- not sure b/c I didn’t pull it out but I think it is saccate, Stem Surface-pretty smooth so I think it would be peronate. I think this is a Amanita phalloides b/c of how the cap looks like to this species. I didn’t pull it out so I am not sure how the bulbose base would have looked like but b/c of the single ring and the way the stem looks of the unknown mushroom I think it is mushroom also known as “death cap”. These species can also be dound on lawns so I am assuming it could be an Amanita phalloides.

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