I found this mushroom outside of my house in the lawn growing between colourful (green/purple) leaves/plants and grass. They were quite “stuck” into the soil that I had a hard time pulling them out and while pulling one of them out the cap came off but the stem stayed inside the soil. This is a gilled mushroom and the other features are: Cap Shape- Plane (flat), Cap Margin-eroded, Cap Surface Features- silky and a little bumpy, Partial Veil Features- not visible to me, Attachment of Gills- adnexed (almost free), Breadth of Gills- narrow with average thickness, Gill Spacing- subdistant, Edges of Gills- fimbriate (fringed), Location of Stem- central, Shapes of Stems- hallow terete,
Bulbs & Volvas- not visible to me, and Stem Surface-seems a little fibrous to me. I had a hard time figuring out what type of mushroom this could be and after some research I think it belongs to genus Hebeloma b/c the surface of the cap resembles to this unknown mushroom. And from the resources provided it closely resembles to Hebeloma velutipes b/c this species also has a flat cap with some bumps and is pretty shiny and silky looking, like my unknown mushroom.

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