-I isolated the fungi from a week old hot dog bun that was stored in the fridge within this plastic bag. The spot that I chose to isolate from was a darker brown spot which the arrow points to. It was purchased at my local Walmart.
-These buns weren’t expired but did have some discoloration to them. Therefore, I believe these buns were healthy enough to eat, since the discoloration was a darker brown not white, but weren’t the freshest as can be. It wasn’t a “burnt” brown as in the oven caused it, it seemed more like a “getting older” brown. There wasn’t any intense damaged tissue present. This is more on the healthier side.
-I expect to see medium fungi, more on the high fungi side, over the weeks of growth, more specifically the last week, since through previous experience of throwing out my organics, I’ve noticed bread gets moldy pretty fast. Also, the best before date is usually not very long. I’m excited to see the process of bread mold growth, especially since it’s something I usually have in my fridge.

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