These mushrooms were found growing in some moss and grass in my backyard. In this image there are two mushrooms; one lighter mushroom and one darker mushroom with a bulb on its cap. Both of these mushrooms are gilled. The lighter mushroom has a smooth, flat cap. There is no bulb on the tip of the cap. The cap margin is entire/even/regular. No veil features could be seen on this mushroom. The gills seem to be free or emarginate. The gill breadth seems to be narrow with average thickness. The spacing of the gills looks as though they are close or even a bit crowded. The edges are even and entire.The location of the stem is central and that are terete (round) and equal. No bulbs can be seen, and the surface is smooth. I wish I had smelled them because the lighter mushroom seems to be Lactarius glyciosmus.

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