This mushroom was found growing in the dirt at the base of a tree. It looks very similar to the Amanita muscaria, except its cap has very different characteristics. It’s cap shape seems to be a combination of depressed, umbiculate, and even infundibuliform. The cap margin is split or even torn. It seems to have a skirt/ring. The gills are decurrent and are broad or even ventricose. They are pretty thick and are subdistant. The surface of the cap has appressed scales, with similar colouring of the Amanita muscaria. The stem is located in the centre, it is terete (round) and equal. It looks pretty smooth, but also a bit fibrous. I’m having a difficult time identifying this mushroom, because I think it may be a big, old, Amanita muscaria. I feel like it’s been growing for awhile and has had a lot of nutrients so it’s growth made its cap become bigger, grow upwards, and split. However, it may be an Amanita pantherina due to it’s lack of bright red colour.

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