-I isolated fungi from one of the leaves in this picture that I believe came from the main stem with leaves still attached. I believe these came from an unknown species of a tree that was above these leaves. The specific leaf I isolated from was the one that is highest in the picture, with brown discoloration on both ends of the leaf but green in the middle. This is one of the smallest leaves in the picture. I chose to take out a piece from the brown discoloration portion. Although in the picture it seems like the leaves are wet, I waited until they dried to take the sample to reduce chances of fungi not growing.
-I believe the tissue of this specific leaf was damaged because of the green color turning various shades of brown that include a darker brown on the right end and lighter brown in the left end. It could potentially mean that the right side is darker due to less sun exposure or touching an “infected” organism (maybe)
-I expect to see high fungi growth because the leaf tissue is already damaged as is, also because the leaf has various shades of brown which can mean that there’s many reactions taking place. Being surrounded my other organisms outside may potentially increase fungi growth by “catching” what other leaves may have.

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