-I isolated fungi from the rain-water collected in this murky puddle close to my home. It was a dirty puddle filled with rocks, leaves and mud but I may sure only to collect water.
-The tissue I believe would be damaged, since it’s dirty rain-water mixed with other elements/organisms like leaves, rocks, and mud. Compared to collecting tap or filtered water which doesn’t have rocks, mud, or leaves. This would definitely not be heathy water to drink or wash hands with.
-I am unsure which type of fungi growth may occur from this water sample, but if I were to guess I would say high since the water is dirty whereas if it was clean water, I would assume low fungi growth. This is just due to water being mixed with many other elements as mentioned previously like mud, leaves and rocks, with insects coming across it, and humans stepping in it and transferring whatever was underneath their shoe to this puddle.

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