I found this mushroom growing in the grass at a park just off the gravel path. It was covered in foliage when I found it, and I had to brush aside the foliage to take the picture. The picture on the right was taken after I accidently stepped on the stem of the mushroom, resulting in the cap being ripped off the stem. The cap shape seems to be plane shape, with striate cap margin, and rugulose cap surface. The partial veil is hard to tell in the picture, since the picture on the right has the stem covered by foliage. It appears to have seceding gill attachment, although it is difficult to tell since the cap has been ripped off the stem. The breadth seems to be narrow, with tapering thickness, subdistant spacing, and eroded edges. The stem seems to be central, with a flexuous shape, friable volva, and longitudinally striate stem surface. Based solely on the color, size, and the white spot at the center, this could be a Lactarius occidentalis.

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