These mushrooms were found growing around a huge tree trunk where the ground/soil was covered with dead leaves, grass, moss and other little green plants. This is a gilled mushroom and other morphological features are: Cap Shape- convex (evenly rounded), Cap Margin- even, Cap Surface Features- scales appressed, Partial Veil Features-subperonate, Attachment of Gills-adnate, Breadth of Gills-narrow, Gill Spacing-close, Edges of Gills-even entire, Location of Stem-central, Shapes of Stems-terete (round), Bulbs & Volvas-not sure, Stem Surface- Punctate. I think this is mushroom belongs to genus Agaricus but not sure about the species. I think it belongs to this genus b/c of the colour of the gills and the features of the stem. It could be species deardorffensis b/c the stem matches to the way the unknown mushrooms stem looks like. The features of one ring is also the same.

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